Tickets and Calendar

PRIDE ARTS CENTER hosts the Pride Films and Plays season of plays and musicals as well as Pride Arts Center productions and special events.

CLICK to see the production calendar and order tickets.

PRIDE FILMS AND PLAYS (PFP)  offers a full season of award-winning plays and musicals. In 2018-19, the PFP Subscription Series includes:

PRIDE ARTS CENTER (PAC) PRODUCTIONS are events are in harmony with, but outside, our mission.

SIMPLY SENSATIONAL, PFP’s Fall Benefit on November 5. Order tickets here.

PAC Productions:

HOLIDAY SHOW: Barney The Elf


  • Cameron Turner and Liz Bollar, October 1, Buy tickets here.




A PFP Subscription offers six tickets for $96 and can only be used for one reserved seat for each PFP production as listed above starting now through June 2019. The PFP subscription is the most economical way to see the P FP season.

PAC Flex passes offers six tickets for $144 and get both a greater selection of shows, and greater flexibility in the way the tickets can be used. PAC Flex can be used for both PFP and PAC shows, in any combination any day of the week starting now and good one year from date of purchase. PAC Flex passes are good for some special events, but not for fund-raising events. 

Pride Arts Center also hosts performances from guest theaters, but each of those theaters sell their own tickets.

All performances are in  Pride Arts Center’s two theater: The Broadway at 4139 N. Broadway, or The Buena at 4147 N. Broadway.

Call 1 866 811 4111 for tickets for PFP and PAC shows!

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