Pat Branch | Network Writer

Pat Branch is a stand-up comedian born and raised in Philadelphia, who began as a cliché: college dropout (USC) writing novels and waiting tables in fancy restaurants. Bouncing back and forth between coasts. A few literary agents who read her novels, Cooler By A Mile & Gone Hollywood, suggested that her writing lent itself to cinema, so she dropped back into college, into Temple U. film school, figuring this was the best way to learn to write great screenplays. Got her B.A. in 1993. She soon bounced back to LA for good, where she teaches elementary school(Hark, a new cliché!) for the joy of it all: food, a roof, and benefits. Still, she lives to write. It’s like breathing. Some days? She thinks she wants to direct, but doesn’t really like to boss anyone around except herself. And, oddly, small children.

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