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Parking at Rivendell, 5779 N. Ridge

So far, parking seems to be pretty easy to find at Rivendell. The side streets do not require permits, and there is free parking at the Senn High School Lot a few blocks away. The closest el stop is Bryn Mawr on the red line. Walk west to Broadway, then northwest up Ridge to 5779.  Convenient bus stops are at Broadway and Bryn Mawr, or Clark and Ridge. There is also free parking at the Senn High School lot, which can ONLY be accessed from Thorndale,  a one-way street running west. You can turn onto Thorndale from Broadway, just north of Moody’s Pub, or go north on Glenwood just east of Rivendell, and turn left onto Thorndale.  


Vote for PFP’s BroadwayWorld.com Nominees

PFP has 8 nomiees in the BroadwayWorld.com awards. And you too can vote for the winner!  Look for all the PFP nominees in the resident non-Equity theater categories, and vote for: Some Men, Best Revival of a Play Nora Elise Ulrey, Best Actress in The Children’s Hour Nelson Rodriguez*, Best Actor in Some Men Nicholas Bailey, Best Actor in The Submission David Zak* and Derek Van Barham* – Best Director of a Play, Some Men Derek Van Barham*, Best Director of a Musical, Songs From An Unmade Bed. Robert Ollis*, Best Musical Direction, Songs from an Unmade Bed Simply Sensational – Best Theatrical Event *Denotes Members of PFP’s Artistic Ensemble