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STOP KISS, by the American playwright Diana Son, tells the story of two women, Sara and Callie, who are assaulted on the street after their first kiss. STOP KISS was first produced Off-Broadway in 1998 at The Public Theater in New York City. Kanomé Jones will direct. The play will be performed in the intimate Buena stage at the Pride Arts Center, 4147 N. Broadway. The press opening is Thursday, January 16, 2020, following a preview on Wednesday, January 15.

Jones’s cast will include Kylie Anderson (Sara), Joe Faifer (Peter/Detective Cole), Sheila Landahl (Mrs.Winsley/Nurse), Flavia Pallozzi (Callie), and Shane Novoa Rhoades (George). The production team includes Jessica Baldinger (Set Designer), Jennifer Mohr (Costume Designer), Mike McShane (Lighting/Sound Designer), Gaby Labotka (Intimacy Director),  Kimberly Logan (Assistant Director), Shannon Metts (Production Assistant), Carinne Uslar (Stage Manager), and Natalie Sallee (Producer).

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STOP KISS – what did the critics say?

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune – 3 Stars

“So it’s a delight, then, to see a relatively rare revival of this groundbreaking play that honors its history, its period, its openheartedness and its determination to embrace and teach audiences of all kinds. “

“warmly directed by Kanomé Jones,”

“it features two actresses, Kylie Anderson and Flavia Pallozzi, who forge a pair of contrasting characters about whom you quickly come to care. Jones has really cast her show well, Most notably, Anderson is a huge new talent: here, she’s charming, funny, vulnerable and determined. You really pull for this couple as the play ideally requires, even if the two women have no idea, really, where they’re going.”


Patrick Rybarcyzk – BroadwayWorld

an intense and intriguing look at one couple’s love and trauma in New York City’s West Village in the 1990s.”

This production has found two terrific actors for the beautifully written leads – the couple at the center of the story. Callie, (played with exquisite precision by Flavia Pallozzi), and Sara, (an endearing and empathetic turn by Kylie Anderson) fall harder for each with every interaction and moment they share.

Under the steady and brisk direction of Kanomé Jones, this touching and disturbing story reminds us of a time not too long ago where tolerance was not what it is today.

There is stellar supporting work from Shelia Landahl in her dual roles as Mrs. Winsley/Nurse. Both Shane Noava Rhoades and Joe Faifer find genuine moments as the men involved with both

This production of “Stop Kiss” is an absolute success.

Colin Douglas – Chicago Theatre Review

It’s a heartfelt story about being human, learning to let go and fall for someone who may just be your soulmate. This is a must-see production to kick off a new year at Pride Films and Plays.

a captivating story about the nature of love and trust between two people who discover they need each other

Callie is exquisitely portrayed by lovely Flavia Pallozzi. This is her story and she’s incredible in this role, as she journeys from an intrigued buddy to a deeply committed lover. As Sara, Kylie Anderson is full of boundless spirit, optimism and energy.

The supporting cast is excellent, with Sheila Landahl superb, both as Mrs. Winsley, a reluctant witness to the crime, and as an empathetic hospital nurse. George, played with macho enthusiasm by Shane Novoa Rhoades, is realistic and makes a good foil for Callie and Sara’s budding relationship. And handsome Joe Faifer is terrific, both as Peter, Sara’s ex-boyfriend from St. Louis, and as a no-nonsense Detective Cole.

Kanomé Jones

STOP KISS Production Team
Producer: Natalie Sallee
Director: Kanomé Jones
Assistant Director: Kimberly Logan
Stage Manager: Carinne Uslar
Production Assistant: Shannon Metts
Intimacy Designer: Gaby Labotka
Set Designer: Jessica Baldinger
Lighting/Sound Designer: Mike McShane
Costume Designer: Jennifer Mohr

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