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Accepting Submissions NOW for LezPlay Contest!

The LezPlay Contest is open to playwrights and screenwriters who identify as women.


From now until our deadline of July 15th, we welcome submissions of full-length scripts from writers who identify as women. Only scripts that have not been professionally produced are eligible. Scripts that have been submitted in the past are eligible for resubmission only once and only if the script has been radically revised. For more information, click here or visit the submission page at the button below.


PFP Writing Contests



All contest entries are made thru, a free portal for all kinds of theatrical and film contests. Credit cards for entry fees are processed through their secure servers. If you have a discount code for free entry, enter that on the payment page for each contest.


PFP Writing Contests

PFP Writing Contests

Comments from Authors

18 directors from all around the country and as far away as Australia have made the trip to Chicago to see our performances. Here is what they had to say…

“The show was glorious. Thank you for handling the show with such delicacy and care. I’m so glad I got to see this production. You guys are awesome!”

“It was an outstanding 5 days of live theatre. Each production was well directed and acted. Women’s Work’s Sapphics on Screen & Sapphics on Stage will grow as an important festival where women writers can have their stage and screen plays presented in front of live audiences and I am so glad to have been on her maiden voyage.”

“This festival is unlike any I’ve ever seen or heard of. To have so many plays, written by women, about women, and directed by women is astounding. The work is good and the experience was great. I’m proud to have been a part of it.”

“I was so pleased with the staged reading of my play, PATIENT HM. Jackie Jutting is a phenomenal director. Her choices in lighting and staging made my play look like much more than a reading. The actors were incredible, so professional. In only three days they were doing my play almost like it was a production. Then afterwards, the talkback showed how smart and deep thinking the audience was. Thank you PFP for an amazing experience.”

“Thanks again for all that PFP has done. You have been a tremendous boost for me!!”

“I could not have asked for a better time at the reading. The actors were wonderful and John is a fantastic director. It was a very professional production that you could not have paid me to miss… I am extremely grateful for what the opportunity of being a finalist in this contest means to me. I hope to be able to use it as a catalyst to move forward in my career so that I can also give back to the community the way you and PFP have done.”