Food and Drink

Pride Arts Center is in the lovely Buena Park neighborhood, and has some classic food and drink options.

Right across the street from the Broadway is Thai Aroma at 4142 N Broadway which is fast and cheap. BYOB.

On the corner of Buena and Broadway is the unknown gem in the neighborhood, North Buena Deli and Wine, at 4200 N Broadway. They make great sandwiches and are open to showtime. There only have a few seats, but grab one and enjoy the free coffee while you wait.  In summer there is outside seating.

Just to the west is Bar on Buena, the most popular spot in time for pre- or post show burgers and fun fun. The beer selections are excellent.  BOB is 910 W Buena.

Heading south to 4091 N  Broadway, our favorite spot is Michael’s  Original Pizza and Grill, which is a sprawling sports bar with great pizza and cheap eats.

Looking for coffee?  Dollop at 4181 N Clarendon is a few blocks away, and is open till 8.

Looking for everything else? 7-11, right across the street!