March Pride Film Fest – Social Issues Here and Abroad

 A new, monthly LGBTQ Film Festival is coming to Chicago. Screening new, independent narrative features, documentaries, or short films the second Tuesday of each month.  Buy tickets here.

Pride Film Festival – March 13, 2018 Lineup – Theme:  Social Issues Here and Abroad

 Calvin’s Story – Directed by Quinn Wilson, USA, 4 min.

After coming out to his parents as gay, this young black man has been surviving homelessness on the streets of Chicago for years. We learn about his story, life, and aspirations to be a massage therapist.

Choice – Directed by Rafael Valerio, Italy, 10 min.

An empty park in the middle of the night. Inside a parked car, a young and an older man just had sex. They talk about their sexual preferences, until one of them shares something surprising to the other.

Fuego – Directed by Alice McKinney, Scotland, Poland, 10 min.

Don’t smother the truth: a Polish immigrant returns to visit home, after leaving for Scotland in search of a better life. On this childhood farm, a past life of taboo is uncovered, as well as the heart-breaking sacrifice made to find safety.

Into the Rainbow – Directed by Hasan Najmabadi, Iran, 15 min.

Two lesbian girls who want to escape smuggled from Iran.

Momo – Directed by Yun Joo Chang, South Korea, 16 min.

Sohee meets up with her ex-girlfriend Areum who is about to set off to live abroad in Germany. Sohee takes custody of Momo, the cat they once shared. But Sohee’s current girlfriend Yujin sees Momo as a reminder of Areum and becomes upset. The three women are forced to reexamine their relationships to each other as they become further entangled with Momo.

Naughty Amelia Jane – Directed by Risheeta Agrawal, India, 12 min.

This film is a satire on the hilarious hypocrisy of society towards anything that goes against the “conventional social order of things”, told through a story of two girls who may or may not have had a connection. This is a story about speculation.

Tristan – Directed by Sonam Larcin & Gaspard Granier, Belgium, 11 min.

Recently, Tristan and his husband had a little girl together. But when he arrives to the nursery, Tristan realizes that not everyone sees his paternity the way he does.

We Are Here – Directed by Nick Kinney, USA, 15 min.

A brief look into how trans men and their partners navigate through their lives.








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